10/22 World Series Showdown

Photo by Chris Briggs on Unsplash

My Oh My!

– Dave Niehaus


We did it again! Using the relief pitched method ending up paying off for us late in the game when Doolittle came in and retired 4 straight with one strike out.
This allowed us to jump up into a nice cash for the smaller contest, though we stayed 1 place out of the cash line on the larger contest. This is a nice example to show that sometimes, the smaller single entry contests can be valuable. The pitching wasn’t as locked down as we thought it would be thanks to Soto, but we still managed with Cole as the captain. We will see you again with another Showdown lineup for Game 3 on Friday.

It doesn’t matter if you were there. It doesn’t matter you were watching. It doesn’t matter if you even care about baseball. Hearing this call will give you chills. If you were there…if you were watching… and you do care… I can only imagine the emotion it brings out.

World Series Showdown Game 1

Baseball in October is something that doesn’t mean much to me. As a Rockies fan, we haven’t had a whole lot of experience in this area. I was a sophomore in high school during Rocktober 2007 which gave me enough of a taste to understand the history, the tradition, the chase and the ensuing agony of defeat. I remember that feeling, and it won’t be coming back tonight… let’s get to game 1.

Pocket Rockets

That feeling in poker when you peek at your cards and see two Aces is tough to describe. Your heart rate increases, you can feel your face becoming flush (no pun intended) and your mind starts to calculate how you want to proceed… Welcome to the World Series Showdown Game 1.

Gerrit Cole vs. Max Scherzer will kick things off and this is tee’d up to be an absolute pitchers duel. Cole has pitched 22.2 innings this post-season giving up only 1 run while striking out 32. In the other dugout, Scherzer has pitched an even 20 innings this post season giving up only 4 runs while striking out 27. Between the two pitchers, all 5 runs have come from giving up home runs. One for Cole and 3 for Scherzer. You can’t have a lineup that doesn’t include either Cole or Scherzer as your Captain tonight AND have the other pitcher in one of your FLEX spots. The winning lineup is going to come down to whoever has the batter that steps up and takes one of the Aces deep.

Captain Spot

It’s a coin flip. Both pitchers are priced so close that your lineup won’t change much depending on who is in the CPT spot. I believe that Cole will out perform Scherzer tonight in the K department which will give a little more flexibility if he does happen to give up a HR so I’m going with Cole and my Captain.


Like I mentioned, my first lock would be whatever pitcher I did not use in my CPT spot. Scherzer is in. This leaves us with $20.6k to fill the remaining 4 roster spots. Both pitchers have given up an average of 3 hits per game, so we need to find those opportunities. A lot of lineups will try to use a relief a pitcher to save salary and stack a bigger name, and in this situation, I can’t say I’m opposed. Here is my lineup without using a relief pitcher:

Not too bad. You get the 2 and 3 hitters from opposite teams paired with someone on each deeper in the lineup. It spreads out the potential to snag points from a hit, a walk, etc. but not necessarily to correlate your scoring on a play like say, a two-run home run. All relief pitchers are priced at 3k which gives a little extra room to play with our lineup. Here we gain some correlation between our Houston batters and lose both of our deep lineup guys:

I don’t hate this lineup – but it does limit your offensive possibilities to a degree. Doolittle isn’t going to come in a strike out 6 batters to close the game, you’re just hoping he doesn’t get taken yard on his first pitch and get yanked immediately (if he even comes in at all).

I am going to roll with the relief pitcher lineup tonight because I think hits will be so limited that you need to have a piece of that action to cash, and I think Gurriel has a better shot of putting up points than Reddick and Zimmerman combined.

Contest Format

I will be playing in two single entry contests for the World Series Showdown this evening. The first with 20 entries and the second with 113. I fully expect Cole and Scherzer to be owned in 100% of entries in both contests and I would not be shocked to see Cole as the CPT in 100% of the 20 entry contest and 90% in the 113 entry contest.

Drink of the Game

Jim Beam Rye Whiskey and Coke – If the first inning turns into a Cardinals fiasco, the coke might become optional.

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