World Series Game 4 – DraftKings Showdown

The Astros will be running a bullpen game – Jose Urquidy will get the start and will go as long as he can.

Houston Looks To Tie Things Up

The Astros went into Game 3 being down 0-2 with not much going for them. They went on to play small ball and string together 4 runs while only giving up 1 to give them their first win of this World Series. 3 of those 4 runs came on 1-run singles and Chirinos was the only one to go yard this game. The pitching wasn’t top-notch with 20 total hits in the game, but the score stayed low. Tonight Houston turns to their bullpen to try to even things up against Patrick Corbin


Corbin put up 27.1 DK points in his last start even with giving up 4 runs on 4 hits and walking 3. He accomplished this against the Cardinals by striking out 12 over 5 innings – his most strikeouts in over a month since he fanned 11 in his previous start against the Cardinals. Corbin isn’t a stranger to giving up hits and runs but his strikeout potential will more than make up for the those.

Urquidy is getting the ball for the Astros and has the potential to get them amped up to start this game. He has the potential to go 5+ innings and has shown that he can strikeout in the double digits. He costs $2600 less than Corbin on DraftKings and has the potential to match him in points – especially with extra points for getting the W.


Our Captain choice is hand downs Urquidy for this game. Being able to roster a pitcher with the potential go 6 inning and strikeout 10 for a captain cost of $11,700 is incredible and will allow us to spend up for a couple big bats. With Corbin’s potential to give up 4 or 5 runs during his stint, this gives Urquidy a perfect opportunity to earn the W while racking up points along the way.


Did you miss what I said about Corbin being able to put up 27 points even though he gives up 4 runs? He is hands down our first lock for the rest of our roster. Next up is Alex Bregman. Bregman has been quiet lately, and failed to do anything with the bases loaded last night. The Nationals intentionally walked Brantley to get to Bregman and the Astros bench went a little nuts. Clearly disrespectful to Bregman who was already been feeling the pressure, but still unable to perform. I don’t see that lasting long and neither do his teammates. Check out what Correa had to say about the situation

“Tomorrow, he’s going off”


With Corbin’s ability to give up runs, and the Astros need to prove that their regular season wasn’t a fluke – I want to stack the Astros bats and Chirinos and Marisnick allow me to do just that for cheap. While neither are known for going deep (outside of Chirinos last night) – both will have the ability to drive in runs, or draw walks to set up the big boys up front. This will also let us plug in Altuve as our last batter of the evening and have a nice balance with the 2, 4, 7 and 8 slots in the Houston lineup.

Look for Houston to tie this thing up, and us to get back on a winning streak with DraftKings.

Drink of the Game

Happy National Trick-or-Treat night!

Yes, that is just as stupid as it sounds. Today’s kids have no clue what it’s like going door-to-door, talking to strangers, getting loads of free candy and doing it all on a school night! They have to go trick-or-treating while it’s light out and on the weekends and have their candy checked for marijuana (or is that just Colorado?)

Either way, tonight we are celebrating with Halloween-themed drinks and we are going big tonight as we get rich, or get drunk trying:

We will be sipping on this Caramel Apple Cocktail from

  • Gran Anejo Rum
  • Apple Brandy
  • Butterscotch Schnapps
  • Apple Cider

I’ll post a picture on our Twitter, and make sure to give a us a follow while you are there.

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