World Series Game 4 – CASH UPDATE

Tonight we took down our first tournament since the inception of Beers and Bets and oh boy, did it feel good!


Today we posted our usual article that included a brief look at the World Series game ahead, our takes on the outcome and what our DraftKings showdown lineup was going to be. I’d like to bring back three quotes from that article briefly:

While Urquidy was not able to fan 10 batters on this particular outing, he did strikeout 4 over 5 innings while only giving up 2 hits and walking no one. On the other side Corbin went 6 innings, gave up 7 hits and 4 runs (refer to previous article) and struck out 5. This was good enough for Corbin to get us a few points, and Urquidy to grab the W with ease.

I shouldn’t have included any of my own story in this as Correa said it all. Bregman was due to have a monster game, but a GRAND SLAM?! That was just icing on the cake, ESPECIALLY because he was gifted the opportunity in Game 3 and did nothing. What a bounce back for Bregman.

I said Corbin had a knack to give up 4-5 runs per game and that I wanted to stack the Astros. Chirinos and Marisnick were cheap and allowed me to do so. I talked a little smack about their inability to go deep, so Chirinos had to prove me wrong once again – they combined for 4 hits, 1 Home Run, 1 Double, 2 RBI’s, 1 Stolen Base, 1 Run and 1 walk. Total they cost $9400 on DK and put up 34 DK Points! HOLY SMOKE SHOW. That was absolute icing on the cake after building with Urquidy and Bregman.

The only downside of this contest was that we actually tied for first so instead of cashing out for $5,000, we had to settle for $4,000. But that still means new kitchen counter tops for my wife which makes her happy, me happy and allows us to keep this blog rolling in full force.

As always tonight the goal was to get rich, or get drunk trying.

We got plenty drunk! And took one step closer to getting rich.


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