Bets and Odds

  • 10/29 Tuesday NHL Line Change
    1029-line-change-1.mp3 Welcome to the Tuesday NHL Line Change where I will be sharing my top 3 puck lines picks of the night along with a few player props that I wouldn’t mind throwing some money at. There are 9 games around the NHL tonight and plenty of opportunity to make some money. San Jose Sharks … Continue reading “10/29 Tuesday NHL Line Change”
  • Saturday College Football Picks
    We have a lot of action going on this weekend and I see potential to do some damage. First up we have Wisconsin at Ohio State. Badgers are coming off their first loss of the season with a shocking defeat at Illinois. Clearly the Badgers were looking forward to this weekend’s match up and forgot … Continue reading “Saturday College Football Picks”
  • Thursday Night Football Bets
    Well here we are almost through another week. So lets make some money and have fun tomorrow! Vikings are taking on the Redskins tonight for our weekly prime time game. Thursday has featured some lopsided victories and I do not expect tonight to be any different when the Redskins stroll into Minneapolis to take on … Continue reading “Thursday Night Football Bets”
  • Stats Don’t Lie – Puck Luck
    Statistics don’t lie because you can manipulate them to say just about anything you want. Welcome to your weekly dose of stats and why they matter to your fantasy lineup. This week’s focus: Puck Luck in the NHL. What is Puck Luck? If you’re anything like my father, right now you’re saying to yourself “Puck … Continue reading “Stats Don’t Lie – Puck Luck”
  • NBA Season Preview
    We have the new NBA season upon us and what a wild off season it has been. Kawhi Leonard won Finals MVP with the Toronto Raptors then packed his bags, grabbed his passport and joined the Clippers. Russell Westbrook was traded to join his former teammate James Harden in Houston. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving … Continue reading “NBA Season Preview”
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