NBA Season Preview

Photo by TJ Dragotta on Unsplash

We have the new NBA season upon us and what a wild off season it has been. Kawhi Leonard won Finals MVP with the Toronto Raptors then packed his bags, grabbed his passport and joined the Clippers. Russell Westbrook was traded to join his former teammate James Harden in Houston. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined forces to crush what was left of the Knicks hopes and dreams to join the Brooklyn Nets. A lot more happened but I’m in no mood for a dissertation.

NBA Title Favorites:

  • Los Angeles Lakers+300
  • Los Angeles Clippers+333
  • Milwaukee Bucks+575
  • Philadelphia 76ers+750
  • Houston Rockets+850
  • Golden State Warriors+900
  • Utah Jazz+1300
  • Denver Nuggets+1800
  • Boston Celtics+2500
  • Brooklyn Nets+2500
  • Portland Trail Blazers+3500
  • Toronto Raptors+3500
  • Indiana Pacers+5000
  • New Orleans Pelicans+6000
  • Miami Heat+6600
  • San Antonio Spurs+6600
  • Dallas Mavericks+7500
  • Orlando Magic+12500
  • Atlanta Hawks+15000
  • Detroit Pistons+15000
  • Minnesota Timberwolves+15000
  • Oklahoma City Thunder+15000
  • Sacramento Kings+15000
  • Chicago Bulls+20000
  • Memphis Grizzlies+20000
  • Washington Wizards+20000
  • New York Knicks+25000
  • Charlotte Hornets+30000
  • Cleveland Cavaliers+30000
  • Phoenix Suns+30000

We have the usual suspects like the Lakers, Bucks, Rockets and Warriors at the top of the list here. This year unlike past years, we don’t have a team we can pencil into the Finals right now. Warriors took a hit when it was announced Klay Thompson would be out for the season with the torn ACL he suffered in the Finals this past summer. Defending champion Raptors cruise down to the middle of the pack with the loss of Kawhi to the Clippers.

Two teams in particular could turn into great value bets come the post season. Denver and Portland. Both teams have superstars in Jokic and Lillard and have plenty of talent to compliment them. If you are one who likes to make futures bets now, those two can give you great value.

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